Synthetic Putting Green Installation Service

A professionally installed synthetic putting green is an excellent addition to your home and perfect for the golf enthusiast.


The Benefits

Having your very own  synthetic putting green makes for an easy way to enjoy golf at the comfort of your own property! Put in additional practice time without leaving your home or paying facility fees.

Synthetic putting greens for their aesthetic alone have the capability of nicely increasing the value of your home.  They, like the good ol’ gentleman’s sport itself, are charming – they also add a touch of class to the ambiance of your property.  They can turn a relatively boring landscape into one of purpose, attractiveness, and fun.  A professionally installed putting green in your backyard is an excellent selling point in property sale.

Yet, for the golf enthusiast, a home putting green introduces the elements of fun, sociality, skill and competition in an environment typically only found at the golf course.  These home solutions can improve the quality of life of someone who has a strong passion for golf.  And, quite frankly, nothing can improve your game more than bringing the course right to your backyard.

Indoor Home Putting Greens

Bring the course inside….

Indoor solutions make it possible to build a green inside your home or business.  An amazing facet to the indoor green approach is that our installation is completely unaffected by weather – you will be able to enjoy putting rain or shine.

Outdoor Home Putting Greens

The course in your backyard…

The outdoor approach, due to its nature, always gives us more to work with in terms of space and flexibility. Flat terrain can be modified to create challenging conditions. We are also able to work with your property’s terrain in its natural state to create unique solutions atop it.  Whether we custom tailor your green or let nature direct us, one thing is for sure: your green will be 100% unique.

Bunker and Tee Box Installation

Emulate the course experience…

Make it look and feel like the real thing.  Your green can be supplemented with grass and sand bunkers to add more on-course scenarios. We can also build custom tee boxes in areas you intend to take shots from the most.  Synthetic solutions make it all possible and are virtually maintenance free!

Professional Installation

If you want a real life putting green on your property, it is advised that you have it professionally installed.  This type of outdoor solution requires the knowledge, tools, and manpower to accomplish safely and effectively.  Signature Greens has what it takes to provide you with a green that will add value to your home and bring you many years of enjoyment.

Because we love golf just as much as you do, we do it right!

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