Backyard Putting Greens – What are the Benefits?

What are the Benefits of a Backyard Putting Green?

Backyard Putting GreenHaving a synthetic backyard putting green will improve your game exponentially.  Why?  Because close proximity to a green means extra practice time minus the costs and inconveniences of the golf course. Did you know that there are a growing number of individuals improving their game simply with easy access to their own, professionally installed green?

The truth is, golf is a tough game of persistence and hard work. Every shot counts, and it’s oftentimes that final putt that dictates the score.  This is why, in the game of golf, putting is such a necessary skill that separates the “goods” from the “greats.”  Yet,  for improvements to be made, intense focus and dedication are always required of the desiring.  The one’s who have “mastered” the short game are the one’s who have consistently put the time in.

Simply put, to putt well, you must putt, putt and putt again…

Home Putting Greens – Practice Whenever You Want

Backyard Putting GreenThe main benefit to a backyard green is that you can practice at your own leisure. You can wake up in the morning and go straight to the green.  Grab your putter and put in a session (we do recommend clothing yourself, although pajamas are not off the table.)  A synthetic green in your backyard helps you improve your precision in a way that, due to schedules and demand, a course can not always facilitate.

Backyard Putting Green

Family Time

When friends are over or your family is looking for something fun to do, your new green can bring you all together. It’s a great way to bond by way of tournaments and a few fun good-hearted competitions.  Teach your children life lessons and the fine art of the game from the comfort of your own home.

Backyard Putting Green

Great For Parties

Having a party means entertaining your guests. If you want to have more ways to keep them entertained outside of just a swimming pool and games, your green will have the golfers at the party ready for action.

Turn any event into a golf party.

Signature Greens Professional Backyard Green Installation

Backyard Putting GreenGet your own putting green professionally installed today. Signature Greens installs putting greens to your specifications, whether you’re looking for an easy, flat surface option or a challenging, raised terrain green.  Our team can accommodate a variety of property-specific conditions and can build as small or as large as you require.  Our company helps bring golfers’ dreams to life.

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